Behind that door are three men in a room...
Behind that door are three men in a room...
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Are We Finally Going To See That Fracking Report Today?

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UPDATED below.

It was just a couple of days ago that Andrew Cuomo told Susan Arbetter that we'd be getting both that long awaited study on the health effects of fracking from the Department of Health and a decision on whether the state will begin issuing fracking permits before the end of the year. And it's looking like we might finally be getting that report today.


Meanwhile, the state Department of Health is expected to release its findings on the safety of hydrofracking, the method of extracting natural gas that has created economic booms in other parts of the country, but has also sparked a massive environmental movement. Likewise, a long-sought decision on whether the state should begin granting permits for hydrofracking is also expected when this review is complete.

News on the tracking front could come today as the governor convenes his final cabinet meeting at 11:15 this morning.


I doubt that we'd get the fracking decision before we get the study, but everything about this process has been murky and opaque for years. Who knows?

And I'll be very interested in seeing what the DoH report actually says. Nobody on either side of the fracking debate really trusts the Cuomo administration on this issue. They've got good reason to be wary as well. The fracking companies don't trust Cuomo because they feel this process has gone on far too long and pretty much completely in secret. The anti-fracking "fracktivists" don't trust Cuomo because he's, you know, Cuomo and because he's already shown himself perfectly willing to meddle with previous fracking studies.


The study will be debated, but the decision will be litigated no matter which way Cuomo comes down on this. Lawsuits will be filed before the sun sets on the day we finally get that decision.


Regardless, it seems the wait for both the report and the decision is finally almost over.

And that's when the real fight begins.

UPDATE: Yep. We're getting something on fracking. Cuomo just, rather nonchalantly, announced that "We'll have an update on fracking" the end of the cabinet meeting.


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