Behind that door are three men in a room...
Behind that door are three men in a room...
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Fracking Going Down HARD in Albany Right Now

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In an amazing presentation happening right now in Albany, the prospects for fracking in New York State seem to be growing dimmer by the minute.


12:35 pm BOOM! Fracking to be banned in NYS. DEC head Martens says he will submit a ban on fracking in NYS.

12:39 pm It's a done deal. Fracking is, at least for now, dead in New York State. This is a HUGE win for anti-fracking activists all over the state. They fought like hell for years and now they've won a fight that seemed all but hopeless just a few years ago.


12:45 pm Cuomo quite correctly says that "There will be a ton of lawsuits, I'm sure." Yep.

12:48 pm Here's an early rundown of the amazing scene at Cuomo's cabinet meeting today.

Fracking is out in New York.

New York's health and environmental commissioners today rejected the prospect for hydraulic fracturing in New York, saying that health risks, the potential of local bans and limited available land would outweigh the benefits of the controversial drilling technique.

The conclusions by the state Environmental Conservation Commissioner Joe Martens and Acting Health Commissioner Howard Zucker brings to an end the state's uncertainty over whether it would proceed with fracking. The state has had a de facto moratorium since 2008.

Martens estimated that at least 63 percent of the land available in New York for hydrofracking—mainly across the Marcellus Shale in the Southern Tier—would be ineligible for high-volume hydraulic fracturing (HVHF) because of various health risks.


1:05 pm Noted art murderer, public health expert and State GOP Chair Ed Cox says Cuomo "has given into the radical environmental Luddites in his own party."

1:11 pm OK. Cabinet meeting is finally over. Signing off this post for now but I'll have a comprehensive breakdown of what just happened, how it happened and what's next on this issue later today.


And, as our historic day for upstate rolls on, we'll have the sites for all those casinos announced at 2:00. Busy day in Albany.

More soon. Stay tuned.

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