Just how broken is New York politics? It's so broken that New Yorkers re-elected 4 pols that will spend the coming months not thinking of ways to best represent their constituents, but how to keep their asses out of prison.

Corrupt shitbag and journo tossing enthusiast Congressman Michael Grimm handily beat hapless dumb guy Dominic Recchia despite facing the voters while also staring at a 20 count federal indictment because, duh, Staten Island.

It wasn't even close. Grimm smoked Recchia by 13 points.

Rep. Michael Grimm was reelected to his Staten Island-based House seat despite losing backing of the GOP after a 20-count indictment in April on tax related and other charges tied to his ownership of a Manhattan restaurant prior to his career in Congress. Nevertheless, Grimm forged ahead with his campaign and cruised to victory with a 13-point win over Democratic opponent Domenic Recchia, The Associated Press reported.


But at least Grimm had an opponent. Fellow corrupt shitbag Assemblyman William Scarborough, recently indicted by both the state and the feds for lying about $40,000 in fake travel expenses as well as looting his campaign accounts for personal expenses, didn't have a challenger at all.

State Senator John Sampson (D-Crooklyn) was re-elected with 86% of the vote Tuesday. Sampson had also faced a primary challenger that he beat easily with the enthusiastic support of the Brooklyn Democratic Party machine. He faces a federal corruption trial in February. He's facing a potential sentence of, and I'm not making this up, 100 years. Really.


(Interesting trivia note: Sampson was elevated to the leadership of the Democratic Senate conference in 2009 with the title "Conference Chairman" because the title "Majority Leader" had been given to Senator Pedro Espada in return for his returning to the Democrats after infamous "coup" in 2009. Pedro Espada is currently serving a federal prison term after he was convicted of looting his Bronx non-profit to pay for things like $20,000 worth of sushi and a $49,000 down payment on a Bentley. He accused the prosecutors of engaging in witchcraft and voodoo during his trial. Again, not making that up. And the guy Espada took out as Majority Leader in the coup, Malcolm Smith, is also now facing federal corruption charges. Smith lost his September primary.)


And finally, Republican state Senator Tom Libous, who was indicted in July for lying to federal agents about a scheme to get his son a job at a politically wired law firm, won re-election to serve his 14th term in the New York state Senate. He won going away with 62% of the vote.

Earlier today Senator Libous asked a judge to toss his indictment on a technicality.


This is messed up, New York.

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(image via Politico)