Behind that door are three men in a room...
Behind that door are three men in a room...

Rochester Mayor Fails At Christmas, Facebook, Life

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After proving her strong grasp of the Nativity story by evicting a homeless encampment known as "Sanctuary City" over the weekend, Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren demonstrated her mastery of social media by telling a homeless advocate to STFU via a Facebook message.

Saturday's removal of the homeless spot known as "Sanctuary Village," and "Tent City" in downtown Rochester didn't sit well with Robert DeSimone.

"When I had heard what had happened with all the homeless's belongings, it made me really upset," said DeSimone.

DeSimone lives in Chili and is part of a group called "Boomtown Brothers." "We like to do charities and we had just done a fundraiser for clothes, hoodies, shoes, toiletries to take down to the tent city to help the homeless out."

But with little Tent City left, he turned to Rochester's Mayor Lovely Warren to express his distaste. "I wanted to do my venting or whatever. I tried to be polite about it and told her I hope she enjoys her holidays in her nice cozy house and how could she do that to the homeless people."

And from there, DeSimone said he received one of two responses in particular from the mayor's account he didn't expect. "I'll tell them to put tents on your front lawn and use (t)he bathroom where you have to walk and let's see what happens. Stay in your lane and let me worry about my city. You don't live here anyways."


When DeSimone tried to reply to the mayor's delightful holiday message, he found himself unable to do so because he'd been blocked.

Warren's spokesperson didn't say that the mayor's Facebook account was hacked, but that it was "compromised" and that the message was "unauthorized." And that lots of people have access to the mayor's social media accounts but that none of those people would ever send such messages.


Jessica Alaimo, a spokeswoman for the mayor, said that Warren didn't write the message. Nor did three other people in her administration who also have access to the Facebook account, Alaimo said.

"It's not anything the mayor or any member of her staff would say to a member of the public," she said.


Of course not.

Mayor Warren's personal and official Facebook accounts have now been shut down, maybe forever, a true Christmas Miracle.


UPDATE: Rochester local blogger par excellence Tom Belknap has 7 questions for Mayor Lovely Warren.


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